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Thirty-Six Years Later: A Unique Love Story Buy on Amazon

Jones Kyazze

Thirty-Six Years Later: A Unique Love Story


A light and relaxing read. Thirty-Six Years Later, a Unique Love Story, is a fictional story inspired by a friendship that developed between two innocent teenagers, Ebony and Sims, and blossomed into a unique romantic love between a man and a woman.

Theirs was a true love that continued to be cherished despite other encounters along the way and a long separation after which they reunited and consummated their love Thirty- Six Years Later!

Jones Kyazze is a retired Ugandan international civil servant and former representative of UNESCO to the United Nations in New York.


Ivory Footprints: Poem Collection Volume I Buy on Amazon

Dennis Ssesanga


In the hustle and bustle of vibrant Kampala, a young man decides to finally stand still and observe his fellow Ugandans as they navigate love, nature, health, politics, peace and conflict.

The results of his observations are a collection of witty and beautifully-written poems that show both cynicism and love for the way things are. Intertwined with this societal sightseeing are touching personal odes to family members, passionate love letters to unsuspecting dames, and a well-informed criticism of the health situation in his country.

In this first poem collection of many to come, Dennis Ssesanga, a.k.a Ivory, takes the reader on a colourful journey through urban Uganda and leaves an indelible mark on the world of poetry, his Ivory footprints.

Dennis Ssesanga is an avid consumer of poetry and co-founder of Open Mic Uganda.


African Son Buy on Amazon

Wambalye Weikama


When his father dies unexpectedly back in Uganda, a popular foreign student’s plans to prove his own independence and brilliance are completely shattered. Being an only son, Simon ‘Sim’ must now take the mantle atop a family haunted by a decades-old secret and a legacy tainted by his father’s decisions.

Sim’s course of action will leave devastating consequences for his friends and loved ones, including an older woman he has fallen madly in love with, as he stops at nothing to prove to his unsympathetic ancestors that he is a far better man than his father ever was.

In his debut novel, Wambalye Weikama draws from his own experience to bring to life a sensational story of obsessive ambition matched against unyielding cultural expectations.


Cry of the Widow: In Verse Buy on Amazon

Marie Pinto Nakato


Devastated by the sudden death of her husband, Ugandan-born poet and author Marie Pinto Nakato has found the courage, resolve and inspiration to share her loss through this collection of 49 poems written in memory of her spouse. Cry of the Widow is the first book in the Songs and Thorns Poem Collection series.


“The real and enduring love between this couple in Cry of the Widow is obvious and beautiful. Few people experience such depth of feeling. The undying bond and loyalty must have helped them achieve greater heights in life. The structure is among the very best l have ever read, and this includes the classics, as well as, modern verse. Hers is an amazing talent and it must be shared with the world”- Avril Porter, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Blood Prints

Marie Pinto Nakato (Currently limited to book festivals in Uganda)


In this second collection of poems in her series ‘Songs and Thorns’, Marie Pinto Nakato takes to task the native plunderers of her home continent Africa, the fighters of endless wars that leave mostly the defenseless wounded and scarred. She sheds light on the victims of egocentric leaders and poverty-stricken young men seeking ‘manhood’.

Marie manages all this while evoking the beautiful landscape of Africa, her words dancing around each other like the shadows of an out of control bush fire. As in her previous book ‘Cry of the Widow’, Marie ends on an optimistic note, that not all is lost, but if we are not careful, hope may soon be the only thing we have.


“Reminds me of Shakespeare’s brilliance.” ~ Avril V. Porter, Uganda Co-ordinator, The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art

“A good way to clasp onto the memories of those who have lost their lives.” ~ Laura Byaruhanga Businge, Poet and Producer, Open Mic Uganda


Garden Weights: An Original Stage Play Buy on Amazon

Andrew Busingye


A postmortem report on a Farmers’ Union body reveals a deadly and cancerous mutation via political veins and media nostrils. The medical research teams seem compromised and handicapped and what looked like an economic welfare struggle is now at the mercy of spiritual intervention.

It will take strong will, integrity and focus to cure the cancer at the heart of Munga Farmers Union, in restoration of livelihoods and moral sanity.

Journalist and playwright Andrew Busingye was born in South Western Uganda, studied and taught Literature in English at Secondary School level before undertaking Business and Entrepreneurship studies at Makerere University, Uganda.


Seeds of Ambition: Putting Together The Pieces Of Your Life Buy on Amazon

Alice Nkore

Seeds of Ambition: Putting Together The Pieces Of Your Life


In this uplifting and stirring book, Alice Nkore uses personal anecdotes and Bible scripture to offer the reader sage advice on life’s often challenging situations- from school, to the workplace, to friends, to family.

Written in Alice’s warm and sisterly voice, this book touches on how we can control emotions and feelings such as self-esteem, courage, fear and ambition in order to discover and grow within our purpose.

This book is a manual to inspire you, the reader, to discover who you are, why you are on this planet and how to tap into that intrinsic value you possess, even when your life has seemingly fallen apart.


Faith That Conquers: The Key to Kingdom Blessings Buy on Amazon

Nicholas Kisakye


FAITH THAT CONQUERS is the kind of faith that endures till it gets what God promised. The principles shared in this book have the potential to help the reader know how to build that kind of faith and sustain it to the end. This book is about believers physically taking possession of their inheritance that is already provided for in the heavenly realm.

In this book, Nicholas has a way of helping the reader interact with the scriptures thereby helping the reader utilise God’s Word in his/her daily life and activities. He gives the reader guidance on how to chew and meditate on the Word of God until it is absorbed into what’s useful to our lives. His content and style make the book not only relevant in the reader’s spiritual life but also in one’s career, business, relationships and other aspects of life.

Nicholas Kisakye is an Evangelist in the Church of Uganda who has travelled far and wide, teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and ministering healing and deliverance. He is a trained agriculturalist who worked with government and did business before being called into founding ‘Return to Zion Ministries’.


Covenant Power Today: The Divine Connection Buy on Amazon

Nicholas Kisakye and Peter Asiimwe


Kisakye and Asiimwe’s passion in this book is to unmask the mystery of biblical covenants and to bring them to our daily living in the 21st Century, enabling Christians to experience the supernatural power of God.


Your Future In Today

Brian Biryomumaisho Buy on Amazon


In this unique self-help book, author Brian Biryomumaisho wants the reader to focus on today to prepare for tomorrow, in order to enrich themselves and their community financially, socially, spiritually and physically.

Using diverse examples from world-renowned entrepreneurs, the Bible, the Animal and Plant Kingdoms, Biryomumaisho reminds the reader that, “Fear of the unknown is usually instilled by our environment, but we are all born heroes. The giant within us can conquer the world if we are nurtured for the best.”

Brian Biryomumaisho is a consultant in Finance and Management, who has practiced business since the age of twelve. He holds an MBA from Makerere University and is an Oak seed from the Institute of National Transformation.


The Joseph Generation: Building a New Generation of Transformational Leaders

Peter Asiimwe Buy on Amazon


One day during a meditation session, the Lord spoke to Dr Asiimwe and said, “Just as Joseph was a beloved of his father and given a robe with many colours, so have I loved Africa and endued her with many multicoloured resources.” In this book, Dr Asiimwe explains that Africa is the richest continent on earth though today she seems to be the poorest, struggling with corruption, wars, hunger, diseases, and domination. He believes that Africa’s problem is not a lack of resources, but a lack of effective leaders of integrity: leaders that are in tune with God who alone knows and has wonderful plans for a desired future.

Although ‘The Joseph Generation’ mainly focuses on Africa, there are universal principles that Dr Asiimwe addresses in the book such as parenting, leadership development, transformation, abstinence, integrity, radical forgiveness, and others.

According to the author, God is a God of design, objectivity, and purpose. He has a redemptive purpose for every nation. Therefore, an intentional leadership development effort is necessary on every continent to raise a new generation of God-fearing leaders of integrity: the Joshuas that will lead nations to their destinies.


The African Dream: A Compelling Strategic Vision (2nd edition) Buy on Amazon

Peter Asiimwe

The African Dream: A Compelling Strategic Vision (2nd edition)


In ‘The African Dream’, Dr. Peter Ruhukya Asiimwe helps to paint a vision for Africa from several perspectives, and presents a “Pupa Reflective Stage” as an intervention to transform Africa’s leadership from a consumptive “Caterpillar Leadership”, into a productive “Butterfly Leadership Style”, and by so doing completing the metamorphosis of leadership on the continent.

The African Dream makes Africans feel proudly African and gives them a compelling vision of the future. This book is a must for every serious current or upcoming leader.