Causes to Support

One of our aims as Khamel Publishing is to promote Ugandan talent and organisations that stand for what we believe in.


The young Ugandans behind the original art on our book covers:

Garden Weights – Maria Nakiragga

African Son – Job Olege


The Purple Bench Initiative (Uganda)

Purple Bench Initiative

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Founded by health activist Nina Mago, The Purple Bench is an initiative that aims among other things to dispel myths and misconceptions causing social and cultural stigma surrounding Epilepsy.

It is an effort to create public and professional awareness, improve treatment adherence and social acceptance of Epilepsy as a serious yet treatable brain disorder.


Action Against Sickle Cell Disease (Uganda)

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Co-founded by health activist and writer Ashiraf Ssebandeke, Action Against Sickle Cell Disease (AASCD) is a not for profit community organization that is working to improve the quality of healthcare of people living with sickle cell disease through awareness, fighting against the disease-related stigma, care, support, health education, access to medical and reproductive health services and capacity building for health care workers.

The organization is also involved in the campaign to achieve a sickle cell free generation through advocating for new born screening, compulsory premarital genetic counselling and testing and finding a universal cure.

AASCD’s headquarters are in Kampala. Their work is spread in Buganda, Samia and Teso region.