Blood Prints

Blood Prints

Marie Pinto Nakato (Currently limited to book festivals in Uganda)

blood print cover

In this second collection of poems in her series ‘Songs and Thorns’, Marie Pinto Nakato takes to task the native plunderers of her home continent Africa, the fighters of endless wars that leave mostly the defenseless wounded and scarred. She sheds light on the victims of egocentric leaders and poverty-stricken young men seeking ‘manhood’.

Marie manages all this while evoking the beautiful landscape of Africa, her words dancing around each other like the shadows of an out of control bush fire. As in her previous book ‘Cry of the Widow’, Marie ends on an optimistic note, that not all is lost, but if we are not careful, hope may soon be the only thing we have.


“Reminds me of Shakespeare’s brilliance.”
~ Avril V. Porter, Uganda Co-ordinator, The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art
“A good way to clasp onto the memories of those who have lost their lives.”
~ Laura Byaruhanga Businge, Poet and Producer, Open Mic Uganda