Faith That Conquers: The Key to Kingdom Blessings



FAITH THAT CONQUERS is the kind of faith that endures till it gets what God promised. The principles shared in this book have the potential to help the reader know how to build that kind of faith and sustain it to the end. This book is about believers physically taking possession of their inheritance that is already provided for in the heavenly realm.

The message is authoritative, coming from a man who has done ministry for nearly 3 decades. NICHOLAS KISAKYE is an Evangelist in the Church of Uganda who has travelled far and wide, teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and ministering healing and deliverance. He is a trained agriculturalist who worked with government and did business before being called into founding ‘Return to Zion Ministries’.

In this book, Nicholas has a way of helping the reader interact with the scriptures thereby helping the reader utilise God’s Word in his/her daily life and activities. He gives the reader guidance on how to chew and meditate on the Word of God until it is absorbed into what’s useful to our lives. His content and style make the book not only relevant in the reader’s spiritual life but also in one’s career, business, relationships and other aspects of life.