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  Kisakye and Asiimwe’s passion in this book is to unmask the mystery of biblical covenants and to bring them to our daily living in the 21st Century, enabling Christians to experience the supernatural power of God.

Covenant Power Today: The Divine Connection

Blood Prints Marie Pinto Nakato (Currently limited to book festivals in Uganda) In this second collection of poems in her series ‘Songs and Thorns’, Marie Pinto Nakato takes to task the native plunderers of her home continent Africa, the fighters of endless wars that leave mostly the defenseless wounded and […]

Blood Prints

  FAITH THAT CONQUERS is the kind of faith that endures till it gets what God promised. The principles shared in this book have the potential to help the reader know how to build that kind of faith and sustain it to the end. This book is about believers physically […]

Faith That Conquers: The Key to Kingdom Blessings

“The real and enduring love between this couple in Cry of the Widow is obvious and beautiful. Few people experience such depth of feeling. The undying bond and loyalty must have helped them achieve greater heights in life. The structure is among the very best l have ever read, and […]

Cry of the Widow: In Verse

  When his father dies unexpectedly back in Uganda, a popular foreign student’s plans to prove his own independence and brilliance are completely shattered. Being an only son, Simon ‘Sim’ must now take the mantle atop a family haunted by a decades old secret and a legacy tainted by his […]

African Son

“Humorous, witty and thought-provoking” – Robert Bake, Authors’ Forum Uganda. A postmortem report on a Farmers’ Union body reveals a deadly and cancerous mutation via political veins and media nostrils. The medical research teams seem compromised and handicapped and what looked like an economic welfare struggle is now at the mercy […]

Garden Weights: An Original Stage Play